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"ORGASMS and How to HaveThem."
NEW Breakthrough in Hypnosis - Orgasm even if you have never had one before.
97.3% Success Rate.

If you have no physical medical reason for not being able to experience orgasm (*anorgasmia) then both the cause and answer lies within your mind. Some resistance within your subconscious mind that you are possibly unaware of. If this is your experience, you will know the very frustrated feelings that you have. You may still have orgasms, but they maybe not quite as deep or intense as they once were. The good news is that you can now overcome this. The resistance that has been preventing you can be unlocked, let go, and fully released, through a breakthrough in self-hypnosis.
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How it works
In his easy three step deep program Roger Hunter relaxes you into a beautiful place between sleep and dreams. A beautiful relaxed and peaceful state. Once you are relaxed to this level his new copyrighted, powerful self hypnotic instruction is given to your subconscious. This meditation unlocks and releases the resistance that has been stopping you from achieving orgasm. It lets go all resistance in your subconscious thoughts.
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Full orgasm
He then gives you a post hypnotic suggestion, which allows you to let go completely. You will love feeling the torrent of sexual energy releasing you to the pleasure, joy and satisfaction of full orgasm. "I had given up hope of ever having an orgasm. I have to admit I was sceptical that your method would work for me. But I would give it a try. How fabulously surprised I was and how very lucky I now feel . I just can't keep the smile of my face. After all these years it is truly, truly wonderful. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart." Glenda V. San Diego
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Outstanding 97% success
Bliss self hypnosis has proven outstanding successful for 97% of women who Never had an orgasm Or Used to be able but not anymore Or Not as intense as they were After just one week the results and change you will experience will alter your life. To fully experience orgasmic bliss is to feel everything you desire. The natural release of sexual tension allows a torrent of energy into your system. " Orgasm releases pain inhibitors into the bloodstream. A sense of well-being and relief follows." The Medical Centre for Female Sexuality You feel so much more relaxed with in yourself. A wonderful experience never to be forgotten.
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"After years of frustration and having tried many methods without success (Including personal therapy) I reluctantly tried your self hypnosis program. The result was nothing short of amazing. For the first time in my life I am now able to experience orgasm. I cannot believe that it took just one hour. I just love it ! "
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